Great area to rent an office – Old Montreal

St-Gabriel business centre is truly in the heart of the wondrous old Montreal. Once a fortified city, Old Montreal has become over time a safe and vibrant community of  accomodations, restaurants, high end boutiques, rich in history and charm dating back to the 17th & 18th century – truly a unique setting in North America with a strong French influence on both the architecture as well as the cult

1 Great area to rent an office   Old Montreal

St-Gabriel Business Center in Old Montreal

ure. Know for their ‘joie de vivre’ you will be seduced by Les Québécois

Renting an office or even a having a mailing address in our Professional Business Center will give you access to all of our amenities and services. Nestled within Old Montreal’s splendor, you can be easily walk it’s historic streets in one day but will want to stay many more to absorb the essence of the city.  Attractions, like the Point Calliere Museum, and Notre Dame Basilica,  will no doubt have an impact on you with the soft light and sound  that recounts a history of Old City and the old ports glamour days. You can visit the a local  Public Market which offers  an array of fresh-food and a wonderfull occasion to meet Montrealers and little expense.

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  1. adminBuz says:

    Le Vieux-Montréal, endroit idéal pour le travail et la vie!